About Kalt Collective


Live your fullest life possible.


The great outdoors is a natural healer; and there’s something innately calming about letting our bare feet feel the grounding energy of the earth. It’s a form of outdoor mindfulness–and the foundation of everything we do. Whether you have been living in Australia for years or are brand new, or are looking for a way to connect your NDIS participant to the world around them, we make it our mission to help.

About Kalt Collective

At Kalt Collective we strive for total wellbeing. Australia has long been known as the wellness capital of the world. And here, we aim to be known as the wellness capital of Australia.


Across migration, wellness, tourism, our innovative equine solutions, and NDIS services, we design all of our services with your wellbeing in mind. Whether you need one of our services or many, we are committed to creating a comprehensive plan to lead you to a better life. 

The Team

Our Team


Katie Blitz

Nutritionist (BHSc)

Jane Falconbridge

Occupational Therapist

Susan McEwan

Registered Migration Agent

Naomi Stockman

Support Services Team – Equine

Fiona Hansen

Support Services Team Coordinator

Anais Leroux

Support Services Team – Equine

Emma Kaaks

Support Services Team – Art, Music, Food

Owen McGinnity

Support Services, – Art, Music, Food

Maureen Dardenne

Support Services Team – Equine

Debbie Strode Penny

Support Services Team – Household Services

Renae Powell

Yoann Levesque

Mark Gill

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