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We make migration simple with the changing Australian Migration Laws.

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Partner Visas

Want to bring your partner to Australia? We help take the stress out of Partner Visa Applications.

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Student Visas

Want to start your Australian adventure with a Student Visa? Let us help make this a smooth transition.

Reviews & Appeals

If you have recently been refused an Australian Visa and disagree with the decision, allow us to show you your next steps in getting what you want.

Character Requirements

Anyone wanting to live, work, visit and/or study in Australia through an Australian Visa needs to pass the character requirements test. We’ll show you how.

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Your No.1 Partner for everything that is Australia


At Kalt Collective we strive for total wellbeing. Australia has long been known as the wellness capital of the world and in this notion we drive all that is Kalt Collective to convey this.

As we focus on migration, wellness, tourism and children with our equine solution we drive all our pursuits to your wellbeing and a stress limited life. Through our help and facilitation we hope to bring all a full engineered solution that encompasses what you hold dear. 


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