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Our mission is to facilitate others towards greater self-awareness, alignment, and growth by providing the opportunity to experience, learn, and explore new possibilities for change, through the way of the horse.

Quality Equine Activities & Therapies

Kaltequine is dedicated to providing quality equine-assisted activities & therapies. Our mission is to provide hope, healing and opportunities for emotional growth to people of all ages using horses.

Believing that life often brings emotional and relational brokenness, our Kaltequine trauma informed team & therapy assistants are committed to providing a safe environment that promotes heart change and healing.

Horses are authentic creatures by nature; they have the ability to influence people in incredibly powerful ways. Clients are given hands-on tasks with horses that correspond with their personal goals and objectives. This gives them the opportunity to process their thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and patterns.

Kaltequine gives clients the ability to discover effective ways to manage anger, resolve conflict, exhibit responsibility, and to establish self-care and good boundaries. This therapy enables them to take healthier patterns of relating to others and strategies for dealing with brokenness out of the arena and into their lives.

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Intro sessions are every Monday with Yoann Levesque, known for his work in the horse show Cavalia and every other day with our therapy team at Kaltequine. Located in Champion Lakes.

Le' Funky Chicken (Coming Soon)

COMING SOON….you will be able to purchase a starter flock of coloured layers all at once, with each hen being able to lay a different coloured egg for you!! ..EGGciting!!

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