Occupational Therapy

About The Service

Occupational therapists are skilled at taking a holistic approach in order to help a person achieve success in meaningful occupations. Because of our unique whole-person approach to treatment, “holistic occupational therapy” is highly relevant to our practice.

Holistic occupational therapy is officially known as Complementary Health Approaches and Integrative Health (CHAIH). “Complementary” refers to non-mainstream practices used in conjunction with conventional medicine, like using natural products, or engaging in mind and body practices like yoga and equine activities.           

“Integrative” refers to a holistic approach to the person’s health, such as considering pain management for military veterans.

When used together, CHAIH can contribute to improved occupational performances, which is why it’s a critical component of our therapies at Kalt Wellness.

Some of the complementary approaches we use include:

  • Aromatherapy – using essential oils to promote relaxation, sleep and wellness
  • Guide Imagery – using guided meditation to help a participant visualise a particular image
  • Reiki – a non-invasive, massage-like practice that reduces stress and promotes healing
  • Yoga – the well-known practice of strengthening and stretching muscles
  • Equine – ??????????

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