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Supporting the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Veterans and Their Families

Our Aim

Kalt Collective will  provide veterans and their families with the support they need to live and age well in civilian life, with access to appropriate, integrated and effective services and support across the domains of wellbeing. We are committed to helping veterans retain their sense of wellbeing through strategies to promote the protective factors of ADF service, such as having a strong sense of purpose, camaraderie and social support, access to health care, and secure income/employment and housing. It is to support you in your wellbeing.


Any veteran identified as potentially benefiting from the additional support offered by the Kalt Collective can be considered for participation in a Kalt Collective Program. Veterans can be referred to the Program by DVA staff members, Defence transition support services, external Rehabilitation Providers and ex-service organisations/representatives.

West Coast Veterinary Hospital

Kalt Collective is honoured to have the support of West Coast Veterinary Hospital. Being a Vet in every sense of the word, both a Veterinarian and a Veteran, co-founder Dr. Garnett Hall along with co-founder Dr. Maxwell Hall and the rest of the West Coast Veterinary Hospital team have been extremely supportive of our work specifically as it relates to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of Veterans and their families. S

What Is Wellbeing?

Simply put, wellbeing describes how you feel about yourself and your life. Wellbeing is both subjective and objective and includes a complex combination of biological, lifestyle, socioeconomic, societal and environmental factors, which can be influenced by health care, welfare support and other interventions (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2018).

DVA has introduced a Veteran Wellbeing Model to help guide our understanding of the life factors that matter most to veterans and their families. This includes working with veterans and their families to encourage help-seeking behaviours and to reduce the stigma of overcoming mental health challenges. It is critical that the implications of the unique nature of military service are recognised, the protective factors inherent in service are enhanced, and the risk factors are addressed

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