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Volunteering is critical to the delivery of the Australian Government’s priorities of building strong and resilient communities, by encouraging economic participation, mitigating isolation and loneliness, and increasing social inclusion, community resilience, participation and social cohesion.

Volunteers have an essential role in the rehabilitation of veterans by providing support, impartial advice, and building social capital. The social capital derived from volunteer engagement is of immense benefit to ex-service personnel and volunteers. Volunteers play a unique role in assisting veterans by developing meaningful relationships and reducing social isolation.

Voluntary work is any unpaid work that you. DVA encourages veterans and members of the ex-service community to volunteer to assist community or welfare groups. 

The Kalt Collective relies on the help of volunteers to assist our veterans access services and entitlements. Volunteers have a positive and meaningful impact not only on the lives of ex-servicemen and women, but also their families and dependents. The direct assistance volunteers provide veterans helps build and maintain a strong community which honors their sacrifice and service.

Contact Kalt Collective for all types of volunteering, including at our Carefarm, in our motocross inclusion program, mentoring, advocacy, equine therapy programs.

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